Feeling Thirsty?

This is pleasant refreshing drink, made with our distinctive blend of natural tea and the all-natural sweetness for a delightful taste that energizes your body and mind. Lighten up your day with the divine flavour made from real tea leaves and peach flavours, gathered from our beautiful gardens.

Once you taste it, you will always chase it.


Arnold Palmer

Imagine two non-alcoholic drink icons of the summer merging together. Lemonade and Pimp Peach Iced Tea is a humble, but very refreshing mocktail that mixes two favourite summer beverages. They give a great charm to one another, delivering a great restart for the whole day. Garnished with few ice cubes and slices of lemon, it’s an ideal mixture for summertime, especially for the breakfast.

Pimp Peach Iced Tea is also a good friend with Peter Pantsless, Absolute Cancer and The Rodrigo.


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