Feeling Thirsty?

Pimp Beer is nature's finest gift. Its meticulous brewing from malted barley, hops, yeast, spring water and the fermentation of grain, make one of the most nutritious alcohol drinks. Its fresh aroma derives from its premium taste. Pimp Beer is your guidance to light up the whole atmosphere and sometimes it’s your best wing man.


The Michelada

Spicy up your beer!
What if German Beer meets a traditional Mexican Cocktail?
Take a glass of Pimp Beer and squeeze a freshly lime juice and rim the edges of glass with salt. Spice it up with a hot sauce of Tabasco and pour some spare of soy sauce. Garnish with a few grinds of black pepper to enrich the taste. This is a masterpiece cocktail. Its taste gives you the endless pleasure into your mouth, that you would love to stay forever in that moment.

Pimp Beer is also a good, old friend with Blood Orange Shandy, Sidewalker, Summer Hoedown and many more.


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