Feeling Thirsty?

Pimp Orange Soda has a unique all-natural taste. The very first sip will thrill your senses to discover its distinctive, tangerine-like citrus aroma and its clean and divine flavour that will enrich the enjoyment of great spirits of summer. Garnished with a slice of fresh orange and some ice, it’s a great escort during any time of day.

Once you taste it, you will always chase it.



Even a divine drink like Pimp Orange Soda could be a part of a pimped out drink. Sangria, a homemade refreshing drink is the ideal cocktail for gathering and drinking together in companion with long and deep conversations with your beloved. There is no other drink as natural as the one which you can grab the fruits out of the bottom of the glass and slurping bits of fruits into your mouth while drinking it. Orange Soda has the role for giving a sweet and fantastic taste on its way to the liver.

Pimp Orange Soda is also a good friend with Aranciata and Screwdriver Cocktail.


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