Feeling Thirsty?

With its crisp taste and fizziness, it is one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks on earth. This carbonated drink is distinguished by its unique flavour and smell. Blended carefully with a perfect sense of sweetness that really quenches your thirst. And what is greater, even food can be experienced better with Pimp Cola.

Once you taste it, you will always chase it.


Jack and Coke

Pimp Cola with its caramel flavour is a good match for dark liquors such as rum, bourbon and rye. But no other drink could be as lovely and delicious, as the all time favourite mixture - Jack and Cola. It is made with Jack Daniel’s whiskey, poured with Pimp Cola and garnished with a wedge of fresh lime and few ice in an old-fashioned glass. The mixture of the sour taste of whiskey and the sweet carbonation of cola combined makes a fizzy, but smooth and lip-smacking drink. Some people call this relationship as Romeo and Juliet. They truly love each other.

Some other good relationship of Pimp Cola are Capitan Jager, Black Irish, Bacardi Gold, Funky Garlic, Dragon’s Breath and many more.


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