Premium Energy Drink

It is all about its premium flavour. This famous energy carbonated drink, contains guarana and 10% of fresh green apple juice. It is clean, subtle and balanced with authentic flavours of apple and berries that give you a pleasant feeling of elegance and good vibes. It simply tastes like a beautiful and sweet poem that would touch your heart once you get closer to it. 

Once you taste it, you will always chase it.


Pimp Juice and Rum

This is a mixture for sweet lovers. When Pimp Juice meets Rum, they create a beautiful and sweet ray of harmony with each other, that for lovers of sweetness, it’s a combo pleasure. The energy vibration of Pimp Juice and the inner-excitement effect of Rum, it gives you an irresistible feeling of ecstasy.

Pimp Juice is also a good friend with Vodka.


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