We share the great experience of premium taste.

We make sure that everything we offer, builds a connection – with our highest quality drinks and our customers. Being grateful to our first-class ingredients and the finest quality production standards, we have found the unique formula, for delivering the premium taste from our products.

Pimp Co. is established in Germany and it is powered by GG Group Inc.

Once you taste it, you will always chase it.


Germany, a country located in the heart of Europe is renown for its strong economy, culture and history. This is all due to the strong, high standards of qualities that are produced in this country. Made in Germany therefore embraces and communicates the excellence of German production. German products have a very good reputation attracting many international investors who have easy access to the market. The food and beverage industry is one of the biggest industries in Europe contributing largely to the German economy. Thus, the Made in Germany brand conveys strong, certified products to consumers, building in this way security and trust in German products.